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When seeking sponsors for your event, one of the most important things can be generating a list of potential people and places to ask. Much like with building community partnerships, often the best places to look are with those that you already frequently interact. This includes businesses you support, people you know, and places you go.


Most people recognize that cultivating relationships is the number one element to building a successful partnership. But, to cultivate those relationships, we first need to find them. This means we need a list. Unfortunately, sometimes writing this list can be one of the most challenging steps when it comes to soliciting sponsors. If you find yourself hitting some roadblocks, hopefully, the list below will spark some ideas for your search.


The List

  1. Your hair salon
  2. Your nail salon
  3. The spa where you get massages
  4. The local restaurant you frequent
  5. Your favorite bar
  6. Your gym
  7. Your yoga instructor’s studio
  8. Your favorite locally-owned “nice” restaurant
  9. The restaurant your parents frequented when they were dating
  10. Your favorite place to go on a date
  11. The place you order lunch from every day
  12. Your favorite coffee shop
  13. The parents of your children’s friends
  14. Your children’s sports coaches, current or former
  15. Your daycare
  16. Your former college professors
  17. Your former college or university
  18. The local military recruitment office
  19. The dealership where you bought your car
  20. The business you use to rent a car when you’re traveling
  21. The place you get your oil changed
  22. The place you take your car to get it fixed
  23. Your local attractions (zoo, museum, etc.)
  24. A place where you go to play mini-golf
  25. The local arcade
  26. Your local movie theatre
  27. Your city’s favorite tourist destination
  28. Your favorite clothing store
  29. The store you don’t shop at because it’s over your budget
  30. The shops on your downtown strip
  31. The stores in the local mall
  32. Your favorite second-hand store
  33. The shop you constantly drive past and don’t know what it is
  34. Your “go-to” business for the perfect, last minute gift
  35. Your significant other’s favorite store
  36. The store where you buy your furniture
  37. The realty agency who sold you your house
  38. The realtor who helped you buy your house
  39. The rental agency for your apartment
  40. Your local rental agency for tools
  41. The business you hired to help you move
  42. The business that owns your storage unit
  43. The place where you bought your boat
  44. Your favorite outdoor store
  45. Your cleaning service
  46. Your dry-cleaner
  47. The business who services your pool
  48. Your lawncare service
  49. The business who does your snowplowing
  50. Your veterinarian
  51. Your pet groomer
  52. Your doggie daycare
  53. A local pet shop
  54. Your local pet rescue
  55. The florist where you bought your wedding flowers
  56. The venue you rented for your wedding
  57. Your favorite photography studio
  58. The organization where you volunteer
  59. The organization where you donate
  60. The airline you use
  61. Your travel agency
  62. Your favorite hotel
  63. A nearby destination where everyone local goes on a staycation
  64. Your favorite magazine
  65. Your favorite e-zine
  66. A local newspaper
  67. Your credit card companies
  68. Your bank
  69. A local farm
  70. Your favorite ice cream shop
  71. Your nearby hospital
  72. Your doctor’s office
  73. Your dental office
  74. Your chiropractic clinic
  75. Your favorite author
  76. Your favorite blogger
  77. Your favorite Instagram influencer
  78. The person you wish would stop spamming you about their MLM
  79. Local young professional networking groups
  80. Members of local entrepreneur groups
  81. Local professional networking groups
  82. The businesses whose ads you see on social media
  83. The businesses who own the digital organizational tools you use
  84. The company who makes your cellphone
  85. The company that makes your cellphone case
  86. Your cellphone carrier



An additional list of 16 people and places you should already be asking:

  1. People and places who have sponsored in the past
  2. The venue for your event
  3. The caterer for your event
  4. The vendors for your event
  5. Your family
  6. Your family’s family
  7. Your friends
  8. Your mentor
  9. Your #1 inspiration
  10. Your extended social network
  11. Your entire LinkedIn list
  12. Your business network
  13. The businesses your friend’s family members own
  14. The businesses inside of your local chamber of commerce’s directory
  15. Organizations whose missions align with yours
  16. Businesses whose missions align with yours
Mia Mahaney
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Mia Mahaney


Mia is an impact-driven consultant who partners with nonprofits and cause-driven businesses to grow their impact. She believes in their power and ability to solve the most challenging problems and is committed to giving them the support they need.

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