Clarify, quantify, and elevate your impact
to affect real change.

Social Impact Strategy for
Purpose-Driven Businesses and Nonprofits

Many organizations have a goal to create a positive impact in the world. Becoming aware of the many challenges faced by people today is only the first step. But, truly cultivating this throughout an organization’s brand takes intention. And, intention takes work.
Do the work, you’re not fooling anyone if you don’t.


Growing a thriving social impact business can be difficult. You know a catchy mission statement just isn’t enough to build genuine public trust, but what is? Get more clear in your mission, vision, and values. Fill in unintentional authenticity gaps and infuse your brand with impact.


Measuring your impact means so much more than than just counting dollars. Let’s sow the seeds in your processes to ensure they gather data that matters. Understand how your brand’s KPI’s and metrics tell a story. Then, tell it!


Build sustainable credibility through reliable processes to compound your brand’s impact. Are you ready to show up? Impact is the fruit of intention and follow-through.

About West Michigan Consulting Services

We believe a better world is a just and equitable world.

We believe it is achievable.

We believe the world’s most challenging problems can be solved through the power of purpose-driven businesses and nonprofits.

But, only if businesses invest in innovative solutions, eliminating barriers to resources, and tearing down the silos between the traditional public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

We exist to support owners and founders who are working toward a just and equitable world.

We also serve to amplify their impact with all of our resources.

You’re in Good Company

Our clients are impact leaders, innovators, visionaries, and changemakers committed to building a better world.